So, you are looking for boat from Split to Hvar? Yes, for most journeys you can choose the vehicle you would like to travel with (plane, car, bus, train…), but if you want to come to our beautiful Hvar island the only type of transport is the boat.

It is up to you to choose whether you want a boat from Split to Hvar to be a catamaran or ferry on which you will lose a lot of your time, be tiring and tedious or you will decide for the Taxi Boat Split with which you will arrive quickly, safely and enjoy the privacy of your own comfort!


What do you get if you decide on a Taxi Boat Split?

As usual, people first compare all types of transportation depending on the price, quality and service they offer.

In the ferry, you will be driving for a lower price, but you will lose a lot of time. In addition to the lost time, you will also lose your nerves due to crowding, waiting and pushing with people. In this type of transport forget about your own comfort because you will not get it. The ferry will not come when you want it, it comes according to schedule.

If that doesn’t bother you, then okay. You have the right to your own choice!

But before you make the final decision, we want to present you our service. Why choose taxi boat from Split to Hvar?

First of all, we have the best price/quality ratio. We are available from 0-24, we pick you up at the airport, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your privacy, the ride will be fast and safe with our professional and friendly skippers!

If you have not convinced yet, keep reading.


The vacation you deserve

Holidays are something that every person waits all year long, so we give special importance to those days.

Just as we like to enjoy traveling and vacation, we also want everybody who decides to spend a vacation in our country gets 100% quality and dream holidays.

This is the time when you need to be rewarded for all the effort you have invested in the job during the whole year and enjoy like king or queen.

That is why we prepare welcome that you deserve. As soon as you land at the airport, your personal driver will be waiting for you, take your luggage and drive you to our boat dock, where we will continue the journey to the beautiful Hvar on which you will undoubtedly spend the most beautiful vacation.

boat from Split to Hvar


Boat from Split to Hvar: No extra and hidden costs

Your flight is delayed? Are you worried about the extra costs you will have to pay because you have booked us and your plane didn’t come?

Don’t worry, we’re tracking all the flights and we’re referring to delays. You will pay exactly how much we agreed without any scam and hidden costs.

Also, we must point out that we will pick you up at the airport despite delays so there is no place for panic.

After your driver comes to the dock, you feel obliged to pay him? No, you don’t have to pay. This service is included in the full cost of your transfer.

In short, there are no hidden and extra costs that would make uncomfortable surprises at the beginning of your vacation. There is one important rule in our company: Just a fair play!


One day excursion

And if you are spending your vacation in Split, but you would like to visit Hvar for just one day, there is no problem.

Beside the taxi boat from Split to Hvar, we also offer an excursion tour, so with us, you can see some of the most beautiful natural and cultural wealth of this unique island.

Also, there is one more option: you can book a boat from Split to Hvar, we will leave you in the desired place and pick you up again whenever you want.


One hour of a magical ride

While the ferry ride takes about two hours, with our boat from Split to Hvar, you will arrive at your desired destination for a maximum of one hour. When the ride starts, you will realize how good is that feeling and you will want that it lasts longer.

Even those who may be afraid of water transport and boats in general, on our maintained boats and with our super-experienced skippers will surely relax!

taxi boat from Split to Hvar


Unforgettable experience

What we definitely have to emphasize as the driving advantage by our boat from Split to Hvar is enjoying the incredible scenes of untouched nature and crystal clear Adriatic Sea.

This experience will in no way be able to afford on the ferry ride, and it is something that you really have to feel!

We take you through the most beautiful parts that will allow you to enjoy the combination of blue sea, sun, green forests and wonderful bays. Relaxation is guaranteed!

Contact us with confidence, we are waiting for you!