We offer you a boat transfer Split to Hvar via fast speed boat. Let’s be honest, neither of us likes long waitings. And when you think a little bit more, you will realize that in reality, every day, we are faced with some sort of waitings – waiting for a bus, waiting for a train, waiting for a tram or waiting for a taxi.

And if we, to all that, add waiting in the heat, at an unbearable 35 degrees, the waitings become even more irritating, tiring and a little bit frustrating. High temperatures, glowing asphalt and lots of tourists – that’s what summer in Split looks like. And then how will you even be able to catch the desired transport to the island of Hvar? And if you maybe get it, be prepared to have to push with people in a crowded and slow ferry.

Ok, maybe we scared you a little bit too much. But don’t worry, there is always a solution. And your solution this time is the best boat transfer Split to Hvar we offer.

Forget waitings and complications about transportation. You’ve been waiting for that vacation all year long, and now it’s finally come – so no more waitings! We will wait for you at the place where you want it and take you from beautiful Split to even more beautiful Hvar in less than an hour!

If you’ve never ridden in a speedboat before, we’ve decided to answer the questions you might be interested in.


Is the speedboat safe?

Although, the terms “speed” and “safety” do not go with each other, when we talk about driving in our boat, you don’t have to worry about your safety. Your safety is in our hands and our trained and experienced skippers do their job flawlessly.

Also, the boat is designed so that each passenger has a secure and comfortable seat and the luggage will be also stored in a safe place.

Also, our staff takes care of the regular maintenance of the boat to constantly maintain quality and safety for all our passengers. For this reason, there is no place for panic. Boat transfer Split to Hvar is a completely safe way of transportation that will afford you a fantastic and unforgettable experience!


How will I find your boat dock?

If you are wondering how you will find a dock of our boat among numerous ships in Split, it is time to give you an answer that will delight you – you don’t have to look for us, we will find you!

Yes, exactly. We don’t offer only a boat transfer Split to Hvar, we offer a full service. After landing at the airport, we will send you a car and our driver who will take you to the dock where our boat is located.

Could it be simpler than that?


How can I recognize a driver?

Probably your first thought now was how to find your driver in the crowd of people at the airport. We’ll tell you again – don’t worry! Our driver will take the sign with your name, so there will be no problems.

But if you maybe don’t see the driver, you can always contact us on the phone and the problem will be solved while you blink!


taxi boat croatia split


Is the boat transfer from Split to Hvar direct?

If you are worried about having to stop at other docks to pick up or leave some other passengers, don’t worry because our boat transfer Split to Hvar is direct and also private.

These are private rides where you can fully enjoy your own comfort. Also, our skipper will leave you at your desired station, or the place closest to your apartment or hotel on the island of Hvar.


What is included in the price?

The complete service of our boat transfer Split to Hvar includes boat, skipper, fuel and all necessary taxes. The price you get is the final price and there is no possibility of a sudden appearance of hidden and additional costs that could create inconvenience.

The basic motto of our company is – respect and honestly for customers!


How and when can I book a boat transfer Split to Hvar?

You can book a boat transfer Split to Hvar in two ways – by phone or mail. If you are not in an emergency, then mail communication is fine, but if you are in a hurry and don’t have too much time, contact us by phone for faster communication.

If you are able, we strongly recommend that you book your boat for at least 24 hours in advance.

Otherwise, our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year.


Can I book a return ride?

Of course. Besides, boat transfer Split to Hvar, please contact us with confidence for boat transfer Hvar to Split, too.  Arrange your time and place with our skipper and he will pick you up and take you back to Split.


taxi boat Split Hvar price


Why should I choose your service?

We are aware that competition is high and that it is difficult to decide on the right type of transport. However, we can confidently tell you that we stand out in many ways for our quality and we are worthy of choosing us. To summarize all of the above:

  1. Fast, safe and well-maintained boat
  2. From Split to Hvar in just an hour
  3. Educated, experienced and friendly staff
  4. Direct transfer
  5. Enjoying privacy and your own comfort
  6. Complete transport service: from the airport to Hvar
  7. Best value for money
  8. No hidden costs
  9. We are available from 0-24 h
  10. Possibility of booking a return ride

When everything is summed up, it is more than clear why our boat transfer Split to Hvar is an ideal choice. Contact us with confidence. We are waiting for you!