The taxi boat Split is a simple, fast and comfortable way to get to your destination.

Choose a quick boat from Split to Hvar and visit the best destinations in Croatia. Except transfer from Split to Hvar, we offer transfers to other beautiful islands, too.

Our job is to bring you to the desired destination on time. Boat prices depend on where and how you want to travel.

For example. If you take a boat from Split to Hvar, your transfer will cost 350€. If you want a specific service, you need to notify us in time to arrange it.

Split to Hvar boat

All our professional staff speaks English, so you can understand the driver who will explain you everything and show you the beautiful views.

In case you are at Split Airport, we’ll send you a car and driver who will drive you to the boat and you will soon get from Split to Hvar. We promise that you’ll be so amazed by beauties you’ll see, that you will wish a ride from Split to Hvar lasts longer.

In order to make your vacation and stay with us even more luxurious and enjoyable, our taxi boats are equipped with the great equipment so you don’t have to worry.

Split to Hvar

We offer a fast taxi boat from Split to Hvar island and to other Croatian islands. You will doubtlessly have a great experience with us.

Just contact us and we’re gonna make the deal.

We offer fast boat transport from Split to Hvar

For what reason would you squander your valuable time on moderate ship rides when you can see and experience considerably more? Speed Taxi Boat Split is here to show you how the perfect  Mediterranean outings should look like. Have a wonderful and unforgettable outing that will enable you to feel magical Adriatic and delightful Dalmatian coast.

With us, you can enjoy voyaging and find supernatural scenes of Croatia. Enjoy the hidden diamonds of the Adriatic, get quick to your desired goal and have a lovely experience.

speed boat Split

Why Speed Taxi Boat Split?

It’s certainly the right decision to choose our team.

We know that you don’t want to lose the entire day just to get from Split to Hvar island. With our speed taxi boat, you can spend the perfect vacation and come to your destination fast and quickly.

Book transfers from Split Airport or from Split town.

Sometimes travelers who arrive at Split Airport need about 5-6 hours to get to a goal, but we are here to make your ride from Split to Hvar lasts only one hour.

Want to make a trip to Hvar?

No problem. We are here to make your wish come true.

If you decide to visit Hvar, believe us that you will make the right decision.

The island of Hvar, the king of the Dalmatian islands, is known for its antique heritage, its strategic and nautical position, the richness of the historical periods, cultural and natural monuments and amazing nightlife.

Split to Hvar

Hvar is today considered as one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world.

Don’t forget that we also offer a taxi boat from Hvar to Split.

Speed Taxi Boat Split routes

We offer the best service for acceptable prices, a boat from Split to Hvar and boat rides all over Dalmatian coast.

Visit every single adjacent island, feel the magic of the Adriatic. You can book speed taxi boat from Split town or from some other close by area.

Or you want to book the boat from Split to Hvar?

Or Hvar to Split?

Or to somewhere else like Šolta, Vis, Brač…?

We know that is hard to find the perfect solution in a time when the Internet is filled with so many different bids.

It’s really hard to choose the right things.

Split Hvar boat

And like everybody, you probably „google“ everything, especially when you’re in the unknown city so you have to find something that will satisfy your requirements.

But when you’ve already come here to our website, there are some terms you can stop searching for.

For example, you don’t have to „google“ – taxi boat Hvar or taxi Split Hvar or maybe boat Split Hvar, Split Hvar transfer and things like that anymore because you’ve already found the service who offers you a ride from Split to Hvar and Hvar to Split.

You’ve found the team who will drive you from Split or Split Airport to your desired island. You just came to the perfect place to get everything you are looking for.

Or maybe you don’t need a transfer from Split to Hvar, but you need it to some other island?

Well, okay, you’re still in the right place. Taxi boat Split has the best offer to make your journey unforgettable.