You need Split Taxi Boat for fast transport? To escape from Split madness (as the locals often like to call it), noise, crowds and city heat, just go to one of our beautiful islands and experience an unforgettable vacation in peace, silence and natural beauty.

And is there any better way of transport than an exciting ride by a fast boat that crosses the waves under the clear Dalmatian sky?

We are proud that we can offer you the well-equipped fleet of speed boats that will make your trip on the Adriatic absolutely wonderful. Split Taxi Boat is an ideal choice for a quick, safe and enjoyable ride to some of the Croatian magical pearls.


Focus On Customer Satisfaction

While some companies have the main goal of providing service and making money from it, a team of Split Taxi Boat has some other priorities. As first, we take care of the comfort, customer satisfaction and all these little irrational problems you will encounter while organizing trips and transporting to some island.

We don’t want that you have to worry about the details like looking for the location where the Split Taxi boat is located, so for this reason, we decided to offer a taxi car service, too.

As soon as you land at Split Airport, we arrive to you, drive you to our boat and take you to the real sea adventure. The premium quality of our boats and experience of skippers will provide you a ride in a pleasant ambiance, but also in a pleasant company! Our skippers take up the role of the „tourist guides“, so they will gladly answer any question, explain what you are interested in and present some of the places you will see during the ride.


Don’t Lose Any Second More

We believe, actually we know, that no one wants to lose all day until they get to the desired destination. Everyone wants to start a vacation as soon as possible, right?

After you’ve been flying for a few hours, you certainly don’t want to lose a few more hours by looking for the proper transport and a few more hours by driving to your final goal.

Keep in mind that in the summer months from the airport to city of Split, a bus takes from 45 minutes to one and a half hour, then add waiting for the ferry, 1-3 h travel by ferry and the price you will pay for all these services. When you sum up everything, you will realize that this way of transport will be a totally bad decision and unnecessarily time wasting.

That’s why we offer you a complete service to shorten driving time to a minimum. Among other things, Split Taxi Boat will make even this minimum of traveling unforgettable!

Why should you waste your time looking for transport and long driving when you can already be in the sea, swim, sunbathe and drink cocktails at that time? You can’t say we’re not right.


taxi boat split


Why Split Taxi Boat?

The Split Taxi Boat service is an ideal option for individuals, smaller groups or families who want to book a fast, reliable and fun way of transport. You only have to specify the desired time and place, and let us organize everything else. As we previously said, our service starts already at Split Airport. You don’t have to worry about flight delays because we regularly check the flights and we’re gonna wait for you. Also, we offer a reservation of return transfers from the island ports to Split Airport.

Visit the wonderful Hvar, Brač, Šolta, Vis and many other beautiful islands of our country in the best comfort of Split Taxi Boat. Get to the beautiful Hvar for only one hour, to adventurous Brač for 20 to 30 minutes, to natural Šolta for 40 minutes, to romantic Vis for less than 2 hours and to the far Korčula for only 2.5 hours. What we just have to point out is the fact that each ride will be so magical that even this 2.5 hours to Korčula will be too short.

The panoramic ride will surely fascinate you, and if you thought you had already discovered the true beauty of the Adriatic Sea by swimming in its shallow, believe us that the purity of the sea depth will impress you even more.

Remember, Split Taxi Boat is not just a transfer, it’s an experience!


Split Taxi Boat – A Fair Play

Apart from being quick, safe, organized and friendly, we must highlight that the team of Split Taxi Boat can boast of 100% honesty. You only pay for what you have agreed.

At the end of the tour, you will never get a bill with additional expenses of fuel, services or some other things. We guarantee you no unexpected, unpleasant and surprising costs.

Well, we must point out immediately that we don’t charge for the most important thing in our service because we simply couldn’t determine its price. We talk about the experience you will bring home as a memory of our ride, and that is – priceless!

Feel free to contact us!