Looking for a Taxi Boat Split Supetar? Read this then…

Do you imagine about visiting a city with a rich cultural and historical heritage, incredible natural beauty, pebble beaches and the finest delicacies?

Our recommendation is Supetar, a small town on the island of Brač. And we also have a recommendation for transport from Split to Supetar. There is our Taxi Boat Split Supetar which will give you complete comfort and a pleasant ride to this wonderful destination.


Only 20-30 minutes from Split to Brač

You’ve arrived in Split for the first time? You don’t know how to get to the island that you have only seen in the pictures? How to find a good taxi at the airport? What if a taxi driver leaves you at the wrong station, so you have to still walk and there are 30 degrees outside? We wouldn’t wish this start of vacation to anyone.

For this reason, our team takes care that your vacation starts fantastic from the moment your plane landed at the airport.

When you get out of the plane and pick up your suitcases, our driver will be waiting in front of the airport.

How will you recognize him?

Easy, he will keep paper with your name on it, just like in movies. He’ll take your suitcases, put it in the trunk and take you to our dock.

If your flight is delayed, you don’t have to worry about additional costs. Also, we are tracking the flight status and we will wait for you one hour, two, three or more.

Taxi Boat Split Supetar will continue your journey to the desired destination. The whole journey will last only 20-30 minutes. Isn’t that great?


Taxi Boat Split Supetar: Driving in a pleasant and safe environment

Apart from getting a full service that includes car and boat, your entire journey will be safe and comfortable.

We take care of the maintenance and quality of our vehicles and boats to provide only the best for our passengers.

As the wind passes through your hair, amazing natural beauty will surround you and these wonderful scenes you’re gonna remember for a long time.

Our skippers are professional and educated, but also very friendly so your trip from Split to Supetar will be more than pleasant.


Spend your vacation as you imagined

Of course, there is always an alternative for transport. Instead of Taxi Boat Split Supetar, you can choose a ferry service. But we don’t recommend it to you, anyway.

Let’s forget that we provide transport services for a moment. Our friendly advice is to not lose your precious time on slow ferry lines.

As first, the journey will last long and it’s almost impossible to adjust the schedule.

Can the departure time suit to you and the ferry schedule in the same time?

Well, probably not at all. That’s why Taxi Boat Split Supetar is completely suited to your needs!


We drive even at night

There is no limited working time in our company. Our team is well staggered so we are available from 0-24.

It really doesn’t make sense to wait all night in Split to get to the island that is actually so close.

Whenever you need transport to Brač, Taxi Boat Split Supetar is here!


A little bit about Supetar

If you want to wake up by the smell of sea, pines and cricket song in the morning, then you will enjoy Supetar. It is a destination where you will rest your soul and body, and for this reason, we have introduced the line of Taxi Boat Split Supetar. We’re glad that we have the opportunity to drive you to one of the most beautiful places in Croatia.

The parish church of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the bell tower Leroj, the church museum, the sculpture of St. Viktor and Mother Teresa and Gallery of Ivan Rendić are especially worthy of mentioning and visiting in Supetar.

And if you are a sporty and adrenaline type you will be amazed by the variety of activities like swimming, diving, paragliding, tennis, basketball, football, cycling, etc.

Do you want to taste some of the traditional meals that will impress your palate? You are in the right place again because the restaurants in Supetar will surely delight you!

All lovers of history, natural beauty and gastronomy will definitely want to move to this location. We guarantee this!


Taxi Boat Split Supetar has everything you need

And for the end, what service of Taxi Boat Split Supetar offers?

  1. Transport from the airport to our taxi boat
  2. Transport from the harbor to Supetar
  3. Fast and safe ride
  4. Professional, educated and friendly staff
  5. Availability from 0-24 h
  6. The best price/quality ratio


We expect your call, message or e-mail.

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