Are you looking for taxi boat Split? If you’ve ever come to Split during the summer months, you know what real traffic chaos is. On the other hand, if you have never been in Split, and we might have scared you with the previous sentence, don’t worry! Whether your destination is Hvar, Brač or any other Croatian island, with our help you will not even feel the traffic madness of this Dalmatian town.

Instead of spending your vacation on a long and exhausting ride, choose a simple and quick solution. Among other things, a solution called ‘taxi boat Split’ will provide you with a journey you will remember for a long time. This isn’t going to be one of those strenuous rides you can’t wait to finish. This will be a ride you will want to last forever. You will breathe the fresh Mediterranean air, cleanse your lungs and feed your eyes with the most beautiful views possible. Is there a nicer and better combination?

With Taxi Boat Split forget about the long waiting and driving. We’re gonna take you to the desired island before you even expect it.

Taxi Boat Split: Our virtue is speed

As the first and main feature of Taxi Boat Split, we will highlight its speed. But of course, the speed doesn’t always mean insecurity. Our boat is fast but top-notch equipped to guarantee safety and enjoyable ride for every passenger.

Just like you’ll shout “Taxi!” in New York and a yellow car will appear in front of you, when you shout “Taxi!” here, Taxi Boat Split will rapidly appear. Well, we’re joking, but the speed of the organization and the ride is extremely fast.

For example, ride from Split to Hvar will last one hour!

We are aware that no one likes to waste precious time on vacation. It’s also clear to us that people just hate organizing things on their own in an unknown destination. The organization is half of the job. That is a really accurate statement. If you want someone else to arrange a complete transport or trip for you, all you have to do is type in the right phone number. After you do that, you will get in touch with the employee of ‘Taxi Boat Split’ who will give you all the detailed instructions and information. Very simple, isn’t it?

Choose the Taxi Boat Split and avoid unwanted situations on your vacation. With our team, you will not lose a second more of your precious time.

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Avoid traffic jams and slow ferry rides

Avoid long and slow ferry rides and decide for a private Taxi Boat Split to get an unforgettable experience.

Imagine that you travel from Split to Hvar. You would surely like to enjoy the full view of all the natural beauties that surround you. Unlike traveling by ferry, a ride with Taxi Boat Split will provide you a trip in your own privacy and peace.

You will not have to run briskly at the ferry dock and worry about whether you are late or the ferry has already gone.

You will not have to push among the bunch of people and fight for the best seat.

You will not have to spend hours of your vacation on a long and hard ride.

Taxi Boat Split is here to offer you the best help with your transport. We will do everything in our power to make your trip fantastic!

Taxi Boat Split: A team of experts

Of course, no service can be great without professional staff. So we decided to gather a team of professional, educated and friendly people.

A professional and experienced staff of Taxi Boat Split will make your ride safe and comfortable. You can notice professionalism from the moment you decide to contact with some of our people. Everything will go easy, we will organize every detail, and the only thing you have to do is come to the agreed place.

But even that part we can do.

In addition to Taxi Boat Split, we also offer a car taxi service from the Split airport or some nearby location to the port. When we said that we organize every detail, that’s what we really mean! We are available to our customers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to provide them with the best service.

Among other things, the whole ride to the destination will be pleasant thanks to our friendly skippers. You don’t have to be ashamed to ask what interests you, our skippers are communicative and they will gladly answer all your questions.

If you are afraid of riding in a boat or if driving in general causes you nausea, don’t worry. These are all normal occurrences and our skippers will have a complete understanding for you. Feel free to ask whatever interests you, and in case of nausea the boat can stop for a few minutes. Also, Taxi Boat Split offers drinks that will refresh you and make your ride easier and more comfortable.

By top-notch vessels to the beautiful Croatian islands

Your vacation should begin at the moment you leave your home, so don’t let anything ruin your holidays. Book yourself a private speed boat transfer to avoid traffic jam and losing time with your suitcases at the airport.

The team of Taxi Boat Split know how precious your time is so we offer you fast, a safe, pleasant and enjoyable trip that you can arrange by phone and e-mail or you can also book it at the Split Airport.

Taxi Boat Split offers private transfers and fast-shipping speed passenger service to beautiful Croatian islands. We care about our passengers and we want they to keep this ride in a nice memory.

We have first-class vessels and a completely proficient team with long experience. In our fleet, we have quality boats, suitable for various locations and weather conditions.

Quality boats that are regularly maintained and inspected will give you a comfortable and safe ride. There is no need to worry about the correctness of the vessel because the safety of our customers comes first. In the second place, there is a comfort because we want passengers to fully enjoy the ride in soft and comfortable seats. Taxi Boat Split always has only one goal – satisfied and happy customers.

Taxi Boat Split is here to offer you a boat rides during which you will be able to enjoy the most beautiful views of the Dalmatian coast.

Dreaming about trips to Hvar, Brač, Vis or some other wonderful Croatian island?
Stop dreaming and contact us for a non-binding offer.


Hvar – one of the most beautiful islands in the world

Before you actually go to some of our islands, we will try to convey the atmosphere of these Adriatic pearls by words.

Well, let’s start with the island of Hvar.
Did you know that the island of Hvar has a title of one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world? And if you decide to visit it, you’ll understand why it carries such a valuable acknowledgment.

A numerous vineyards, fields of lavender, over hundred years old olive trees, amazing local cuisine, wines and wonderful beaches, cultural and natural resources are just some of the attractions you can see and enjoy at this island.

Hvar is also characterized by a large number of sunny hours, 2718 hours per year, so people often call it Sunny Hvar.

Among other things, Hvar can boast of its amazing nightlife, famous clubs and the best parties. That’s why young people adore it!

After this description, you can’t say that you didn’t get a wish to visit Hvar. And Taxi Boat Split will do its best to make your wish come true.
Taxi Boat Split will take you to one of the most beautiful islands in the world and the magical ride will last only one hour!

Brač – the island of culture and adventure

There are only a few islands in the world that can offer such a sumptuous blend of adrenaline, millennial heritage, top gastronomy and beautiful beaches.  Brač is definitely one of them.

A rich history, numerous cultural monuments and the diverse and dynamic nature created incredible shapes and pathways where you can free your adventurous spirit. Exactly because of that, Brač is known as ‘an island of culture and adventure’.

Sounds great, right?

Taxi Boat Split will take you to this adventurous island, and we guarantee that the whole ride to the island will be a real adventure, too. A ride from Split to Brač lasts about 20-30 minutes.

Vis – one of the most romantic islands in the world

If you’ve ever dreamed about a wedding, honeymoon or a love vacation on an island, Vis island is the perfect choice for you.

The American magazine Harper’s Bazaar declared Vis as one of the three most romantic destinations in the world. The beautiful stone shores, the smell of pine trees, beaches and the crystal clear sea justify this acknowledgment.

One of the world’s most popular couples, Beyonce and Jay-Z, also decided to spend their romantic vacation on Vis.

If you really want to organize a wedding on this charming island, we suggest you the heritage fortress Port George which offers top delicacies, drinks and music.

Taxi Boat Split will take you and your loved ones to Vis Island quickly and safely, and the wind in the hair, the beautiful nature and the sound of the waves will give you a real romantic atmosphere during the whole ride.
For about 1 hour and 45 minutes, you’ll be on Vis island!

taxi boat croatia split

With Taxi Boat Split to many other wonderful Adriatic pearls

Croatia is a small country but blessed with so many islands. Did you know that the Croatian archipelago is the biggest in the Adriatic Sea?

So choose one of the most amazing Croatian islands – Hvar, Brač, Vis, Korčula, Šolta… and let us organize your trip!

What about beautiful Korčula, known as the Croatian Santorini?

Discover the beautiful scenery of Korčula and its rich cultural and historical heritage. Take a walk through the streets of old town and visit some of the typical Dalmatian villages such as Brna.

Ride a bike or walk to see all charms of this incredible island, dive to discover the amazing underwater world around Korčula and enjoy traditional events such as sword dancing and spend a wonderful time.

And before you walk, ride a bike, dive and enjoy all beauties of Korčula, our Taxi Boat Split will provide you the 2,5 hours of unforgettable ride from Split to Croatian Santorini!

Or do you want to visit Šolta, the island of untouched nature and beautiful beaches?

To escape from the noise and crowded beaches, you should definitely go the Šolta. Actually, we are here to drive you to this paradise island.

Taxi Boat Split will take you to Šolta quickly, and we believe that you will want to stay here forever.

Šolta is a place of crystal clear sea, numerous pebble beaches and affordable prices. Its natural beauty will leave you speechless. All lovers of indigenous delicacies and artwork will fall in love with Šolta.

It takes only 40 minutes to get to this earthly paradise!

When you are finished with trip and sightseeing, our diligent team is waiting for your sign to go back to Split.

In addition to Taxi Boat Split, we also have a car taxi that can pick you up from Split Airport or any other nearby location and drive you to our boat.

Taxi Boat Split provides a complete service to make the best of your vacation!

taxi boat split hvar

The best price-quality ratio

The Taxi Boat Split team will provide you with a complete transport service. We know that it is very difficult to organize any kind of transport in an unknown city, especially sea transport. We also know that every second of vacation is important, so we have decided to solve all your troubles and transport problems.
Instead of losing time wandering and looking for the right transportation, contact Taxi Boat Split.

Depending on your wishes we can also organize transportation by car to our boat. Driving prices depend on where and how you want to travel. In case you have any special wishes and requirements, please mention it during the agreement.

We never overdo it with prices. The price-quality ratio of our service is realistic, and all money you invest in this ride will pay off. We can say this with full confidence because we are aware of the quality of our service. Our interest is not to take client’s money and just ride them to the desired location. The interest of Taxi Boat Split is primarily to give every traveler an unforgettable experience and memory.

You can see the price list on our site, and we are always at your disposal for any additional queries. If you are interested in some route or service that is not indicated on the page, feel free to contact us via a mail or phone to see what we can do for you.

One thing is for sure, Taxi Boat Split offers the best price-quality ratio. We guarantee that you will get what you paid for, and even more!


Feel the charms of the Adriatic Sea

Apart from having the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful Croatian islands, you will also experience much more than that. During each of these rides with Taxi Boat Split you will discover some hidden Adriatic jewels. The journey will take you through various forests, small islands and peninsulas. The clear sea in different shades from blue to turquoise will simply impress you! Traveling the Adriatic is never monotonous or boring. In fact, there are so many wonderful things you can see that you will even want the trip took longer.


Why Taxi Boat Split?

There are many providers of transport services, whether it is air, road or sea transport, there are always those who are better and worse.

We are sure that when you enter the terms Taxi Boat Split or Split Hvar Taxi Boats in the internet search engine, you get thousands of results. Between these numerous offers, you have to choose the best one.

Well, every company will say for itself that it is the best. But the fact is that this is not always the truth. To say that you are the best without any proof and cover is simply not worth it. But if this is confirmed by many satisfied customers, then without a doubt you can say your service is the best on the market. In order for the service to be complete, first of all, it must satisfy the needs of the clients. Then it must be quality, professional and affordable. The client must receive exactly what he paid for, and some additional extra items are always desirable.

We can self-confidently say that you have to decide for a Taxi Boat Split.

Wondering why? Well, we will gladly repeat why, but this time fast and short (just like our ride is).

  • We will organize your transport faster than you expect.
  • Split-Hvar ride will last only one hour.
  • During the ride, you will enjoy your own comfort.
  • We also offer car transport from Split airport or some other nearby location.
  • Our professional staff is always at your disposal.
  • The best price-quality ratio.

We know that every long ride is tiresome, so that’s why Taxi Boat Split is here.

Taxi Boat Split will provide you with fast transport to the desired destination, but the whole ride will be so enjoyable that you will want to last longer.

Contact us and see what we are talking about!

Book your taxi boat ride now!