Looking for speed boat Split to Hvar transfer service? Avoid crowds by ferry or catamaran and choose the best transportation service on the market. Whether you are in Split and want to get to Hvar comfortably or vice versa, we have a solution for you. There is Speed ​​Boat Split to Hvar with top service for all passengers.

Our skippers can offer the most comfortable ride you will remember for a lifetime. The boats are well equipped, and we thought of every detail. For instance, we ensure the service of cold drinks and ladders that make it easier to get out of the sea. In addition, there is an awning on board that provides shade all day and, most importantly – reliable engines.

If you decide on a Speed Boat Split, we offer you various destinations to visit. We are here to make our clients’ wishes come true. It will make us happy if you decide to try our fleet. Read below why you should give us a chance.

Let’s dive in!


A bit of Hvar island


Our wonderful island of Hvar has been known since antiquity for its important strategic and nautical position. Its incredible richness of cultural and natural monuments also delights its visitors.

Thanks to the mild climate, warm winters, and pleasant summers, Hvar hosts many guests and travelers. People from all over the world come here to enjoy all attractions, beauty, and superb nightlife. Today, Hvar is considered one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world.

Hvar has a great connection and protects factory chimneys, traffic jams, and similar things that unfortunately come with civilization. Instead, there are fields of lavender, ancient olive trees, and vineyards in the unique harmony of humans and nature.

There is wine and delicious food, so the guests usually prefer to visit a small tavern in Hvar rather than the most luxurious restaurant. All visitors decide to try natural homemade wine instead of the famous champagne. The guests will sing an old island song and forget the standard daily routine at the moment they come to this fairytale island. During the time and life on the island, everyone can feel an oasis of culture, peace and joy.


Why is a ferry the worst possible option you can choose for your transport?


Although ferries are a very popular choice of transport in Dalmatia, we do not recommend this option during your vacation. First, you will waste a lot of time waiting for the ferry. Another thing, the ride itself will take too long, so you will lose your precious minutes and hours again. And third, you will have to share the ferry with many other people and their luggage. All of this will make such a crowd and uncomfortable ride for you.

To sum it all up, it’s certainly clear why a ferry is the wrong transportation choice.

You don’t have to worry about boat schedules during your holidays; just dial the correct phone number. And your right contact is exactly Speed ​​Boat Split to Hvar that offers what you are looking for.



Why choose the Speed ​​Boat Split to Hvar?


Speed ​​Boat Split to Hvar is here to show you what the perfect trips in the Mediterranean should look like. Experience a beautiful and unforgettable journey that will allow you to feel the magical Adriatic and the beautiful Dalmatian coast.

With us, you can enjoy the ride and find supernatural scenes of Croatia. Discover the hidden diamonds of the Adriatic, reach the desired destination quickly, and have an exciting experience.



Choosing our team is undoubtedly the right decision


We know that you do not want to lose the whole day just to get from Split to the island of Hvar. With our Speed Boat Split to Hvar, you can spend a perfect vacation and quickly get to your destination.

Remember that you can also book your transfer from Split Airport or Split.

Sometimes passengers arriving at Split Airport need about 5-6 hours to reach their destination. However, we are here to make your ride from Split to Hvar last only one hour.

Our professional staff speaks English, so you won’t have problems understanding each other. They will explain everything to you and show you beautiful views. Keep in mind that the drivers and skippers of Speed Boat Split to Hvar are kind and communicative and will happily answer all your questions. Feel free to talk to them and ask them whatever interests you.

If you are at Split Airport, we will send a car and a driver to take you to the boat. This way, you will quickly get from Split to Hvar. We promise that you will be so amazed by the beauty that you will see that you will want the ride from Split to Hvar to take longer.

To make your trip with us even more spectacular and enjoyable, our taxi boats are equipped with excellent equipment. So, you definitely don’t have to worry. Your safety comes at the first place. That’s why we will make your ride through the waves as pleasant, peaceful, and beautiful as possible.



Amazing routes of Speed ​​Boat Split to Hvar


We offer the best service for reasonable prices. Besides boats from Split to Hvar, there are also boat rides along the entire Dalmatian coast.

Visit every neighboring island and feel the charms of the unique Adriatic. As we said, you can book Speed ​​Boat Split to Hvar or to any other island.

For example Šolta, Vis, Brač or maybe Korčula…?


We know that it is difficult to find the perfect solution at a time when the Internet is filled with so many different offers. It’s tough to choose the right things.

Like everyone, you will probably use Google for search, especially in an unknown city. Sometimes Google can take you to the wrong address, and we don’t want you to make a mistake and ruin your lovely vacation.

So once you’ve come to our website, there are terms you can stop looking for. It’s time for you to stop looking for the ideal transportation service because we are here to offer you the service you need. Don’t hesitate; feel free to contact the Speed Boat Split to Hvar!