Why Boat Taxi Split? As Croatian islands become increasingly popular and favorite destinations of many tourists, the need for taxi boats has also increased. We can freely say that, today, taxi boats are very important type of transport in coastal towns, and their role during the summer season is in line with a taxi car. Reaching the most remote islands is easier than ever if you opt for the right transportation.

But, among the rich offer of taxi boats, how to choose the boat taxi Split which will provide you a great experience? We confidently suggest that you have to decide for us.

Why? Keep reading, you will understand why.


Boat Taxi Split: Fast But Safe

Although the terms of ‘speed’ and ‘safety’ don’t go with each other, Boat Taxi Split contrasts this fact and perfectly combines these two concepts. If you are looking for a fast, but safe taxi boat ride, then you are in the right place.

Unlike a long and tiring ferry ride, driving with us will be a real adventure. You don’t have to worry about your safety because we have taken care of the quality equipment and maintenance of the boat, so every traveler can feel completely safe on their way to the destination.

Boat Taxi Split want you to feel like real VIP passenger because that’s what you are! An enjoyable ride through the most beautiful landscapes of beautiful Dalmatia will surely relax even those who don’t feel very safe and comfortable on the waves. On the way to your destination, scenery surrounding you will undoubtedly win your hearts. We’re sure you’ll want to repeat this experience.

Traveling with us will be really short, and you will be really sad when it finishes. The wind in the hair and the scent of the sea will revitalize your body and the soul that you will want to stay here forever. When you reach the destination, we believe that you’ll tell our skipper: “Let’s make another round!”

We’re joking, but you would really enjoy it!


Comfortable Transfer to Croatian Islands

Boat transfers have never been more comfortable! Boat Taxi Split provides only the best service to its customers, so you will feel comfortable even on the shortest routes.

Enjoy your own comfort during the ride to Hvar, Brač, Šolta, Vis, Korčula or some other Croatian island. You won’t have to worry about a free seat like on the ferry or about an old man sitting next to you with a full bag of fish that unpleasantly smells during the whole ride and many other situations like that.

Forget about pushing, running on a ferry, long waiting, and afford yourself a vacation you deserve in the private comfort of the Boat Taxi Split.

(If you need rent a boat Zadar, please check out this web-site for the Zadar region)


From The Airport to The Desired Destination

As previously mentioned, the Boat Taxi Split provides a complete transportation service, so we are available to you from the airport. Of course, not by boat. We also have a car for driving our clients to the Boat Taxi Split with which we continue our journey to the desired island.

Don’t worry, we’ll wait for you if your flight is delayed. And we will always be the one who will wait because we don’t allow that our clients have to wait after a long flight with suitcases in their hands.


Traveling With A Professional And Cheerful Team

During the whole ride on the Boat Taxi Split, there will always be a team of friendly and smiling professionals with you. Our team can boast many years of experience and expertise, and what is particularly praiseworthy is their approach to the people.

Our crew enjoys meeting new people, sharing experiences and chatting about everything. We are not one of those strict staff who do not want to interact with passengers. We want you to feel completely relaxed. And even if you have a fear of boating, our mission is to eliminate or at least alleviate that fear. Keep in mind that we are here for you.

They will gladly answer all your questions, so you don’t have to be ashamed to ask anything. If you travel alone, don’t worry. With our skipper, you will be in good company!


Taxi Boat vs. Ferry

We have already talked about how the main problem of driving by the ferry is a slow and long drive. The second problem is adjusting to ferry lines. The ferry doesn’t go when you need it, it goes by schedule. So you have to wait again. The third problem is the crowd and lack of own comfort. And the fourth problem is that the ferry goes only to the docks that can be far away from your hotel or apartment.

If you have already decided to come on vacation, then let that vacation be completely quality, as you deserve. Do you really want to waste any minute of your freedom on some slow ferry and be surrounded by many people and luggage? It’s definitely not a pleasant and harmonious holiday, right?

Boat Taxi Split is the solution you need. This is exactly what you are looking for to get the full level of joy and comfort on your vacation. From point A to point B, you arrive at lightning speed! On the other hand, all passengers are safe because they ride in well-equipped vessels. The perfect combination, isn’t it?

Although the taxi boat is a bit more expensive than a ferry ride, it is worth giving every coin more. Traveling by taxi boat you’ll spend more money, but traveling by ferry you’ll lose precious time. It depends on what matters to you more.

Plus, the Boat Taxi Split adjusts to you, you don’t have to adjust to it. Our skipper arrives at the exactly agreed time and you definitely won’t miss your own comfort here.

And one of the most important things, a Boat Taxi Split will take you to the closest place to your accommodation.


Night Transfers

A team of Boat Taxi Split has been thinking of every detail, so we are available to our clients 0-24. It is quite logical that some tourists won’t arrive in Split during the day. There is a possibility that you will arrive at night, and what then?

Should you sleep at the airport or the station until morning and then start looking for transport? It doesn’t sound like a great start of vacation, right? To avoid situations like this, a Boat Taxi Split is available to you at any time.

Feel free to reach out to us in the early morning or late night. We will be happy to arrange transportation that will adapt to your wishes and needs. Whether you arrive at 3 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon, it is the same for us. One of our drivers is always available to be at your disposal when you need it most.

Contact us for a complete transport service!