Did you come from a far country? Long lasting journey? Your apartment is waiting for you on Hvar? Or Brač, Korčula, Šolta or some other island? You want to come and rest as soon as possible? To lie down? To enjoy? Well, of course you want, you’re on vacation. Actually, you are not yet. You are standing at the airport with your hands full of stuff, suitcases and bags and you don’t know what’s the next step to do. Maybe you don’t know it yet, but you need Split Transfers by boat!

Whom to contact for the fastest arrival at your destination? Want a quality and fast service at affordable prices?
You are tired of traveling too long and you just want to appear on your vacation spot? We are not wizards and we will not be able to magically switch you to the island, but we will give you a magical and enjoyable ride. Among other things, Split Transfers and the complete transport organization are so fast that you may feel like you’ve magically appeared at the desired destination.

Complete transport service

Split Transfers by Boat will provide you a pleasant experience and solve all your problems with transport. We know that is hard to organize that kind of things in the city you may have visited for the first time.

Instead of losing half a day to get to the island, it would be better to “lose” half a day to swimming, sunbathing and enjoying, right?
Split Transfers by Boat will take you to the right place when you expect it, even before.

split airport to hvar

Why would you wander through the hot, “burning” streets of Split, take your bags and ask random people where you can find what you need, when there is a team of our professionals who will give you what you need and when you need it.

Actually, you are a lucky man if you have arrived in the center of Split from the airport, and you didn’t get stuck in the traffic jam. In the summertime, when Split is full of tourists from all over the world, it is impossible to avoid traffic chaos.

Therefore, apart from the Split Transfers by Boat, we also offer a car transport service from the airport so you’ll get a complete transport service. We are here to make your vacation carefree!

Quality and expertise

Split Transfers by Boat offers a transport service from Split to Hvar, Brač, Korčula, Vis …
We assume that after a flight or a long journey by bus you don’t need a slow ferry ride, therefore we offer you a fast transport. Transport is fast but safe, of course. You don’t have to worry about the expertise of our stuff because each of our drivers is professional and educated. Split Transfers by Boat has a team that will warmly welcome you and answer all your questions without any problems.


Also, our boats are maintained, comfortable and safe to ride. Don’t worry, and your luggage is safe too.
As far as driving is concerned, we believe you will enjoy it. Apart from what we can offer to you, there is also a beauty of our sea and the landscape you will enjoy during the ride.

split transfers split hvar boat

Don’t lose your precious time

Vacation is not a vacation if you lose your nerves and time to anything. Let’s take it for example – if you’re gonna have a short vacation that will last only 3 days, you surely don’t want to make this vacation even shorter and lose precious time by organizing transport. Just imagine that you could spend that time swimming in the sea, visiting sights or sipping a cocktail at a bar.

To have a good and quality holiday you deserve the best accommodation, food and transport service. Because of this third item we are here!
We don’t want that you waste your time when we can do all these things for you. Just contact us by mail or phone and everything will be agreed before you expect it.
We will come to you, you will settle in our boat and before you can even imagine, you will be at your destination.

From many Split Transfers choose our team and get the best price and quality ratio, fast and safe driving and professional service.
We arrive at the exactly agreed time. We don’t allow you to wait a minute longer. We appreciate your time.