Are you interested in Split boat trips? Do you need a fast transfer to some of beautiful Croatian islands? Want to see every part of them, discover all the charms and beauties of yet undiscovered coves and swim in the crystal clear sea, away from the noise and crowds? Or you maybe have the guests and you would like to recommend the best trips and make sure they are in good hands? You got „stuck“ on the sea, your engine got broken or your driftnet got stuck, so you don’t know how to get back?

Or you maybe just want to go on a trip and get an amazing experience?

Taxi Boat Split has the solution for all your worries, problems and wishes!


Our team has joined forces in this valued work so we are available 24/7 for our clients. To get the best of this job we are complementing each other and that’s our „the strongest weapon“.

We have fast taxi boats that are safe and comfortable and will drive you to the desired destination as soon as possible. Apart from classic taxi boats, we also do one-day trips, short or long, depending on your choice.

Don’t bother yourself with the complicated organization of excursions, Split Boat Trips are the perfect solution.

Afford yourself the natural sensations without thinking about the organization and things like that. Just relax and enjoy. We arrive at the appointed time and return you whenever you want.

Prices vary depending on the distance of selected destinations.

Want to visit Hvar, Brač, Vis, Šolta or some other wonderful Croatian island?

Let us organize your trip! Split Boat Trips will undoubtedly be the best boat trips you’ll ever experience.

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Split Boat Trips to Šolta


Do you want to see the most beautiful sunset, experience the magnificent turquoise island oasis, find out where the Emperor Diocletian’s pond and the castle of the Illyrian queen Teuta were located?

If your answer is ‘YES’, we suggest you to visit one of the most beautiful Dalmatian islands – Šolta.

From the list of Split Boat Trips we put a trip to Šolta among the first places and if you decide to visit it, you’ll understand why. You will undoubtedly enjoy countless beautiful locations, taste delicious food of good restaurants and get rest on hidden beaches.


Split Boat Trips to Hvar


If you have seen all the beauty of Šolta island and you still have enough time, our recommendation is to visit the Hvar island which will also leave you breathless.

For all those who prefer sunbathing all day on the beautiful beaches, Hvar is a perfect place! It is the sunniest spot in the country with 2724 sunny hours each year and it is also one of the most luxurious beach destination.

You will also see one of the most beautiful ports in the world and discover many interesting sights of the town of Hvar.

split boat trips to hvar brac

Split Boat Trips to Brač


Between many Split Boat Trips, we also recommend you a trip to Brač. It is a place perfect for all those who would like to change their daily environment, escape from the traffic chaos and enjoy the beauty of the sea and the sun. On the southern side of the island, there is Bol – the oldest town of the coast of Brač. It’s a place where you can spend a day enjoying fish from the barbecue grill and homemade wine in a relaxed ambiance, swimming on the beach Zlatni rat surrounded by thick pine forests in the background. And if you don’t know, it is the most beautiful beach in the Adriatic.


Split Boat Trips to Vis


Do you want to visit an island with a paradisiacal beauty of nature, the turquoise shade of hidden caves and the volcanic islets of its archipelago? Don’t worry. From many Split Boat Trips, you can also choose the trip to this wonderful island – Vis.

It’s the furthest island of Croatia, but not far enough for our team. Taxi Boat Split will drive you to this magical place and afford you a perfect trip.


Other boat trips from Split Town or Split Airport


If you thought that’s all that we had to offer you, you made a mistake. Split Boat Trips are miscellaneous so you can choose a trip to some other Croatian island, too.

One thing is for sure – whatever island you choose you will not regret.

Each of them has something special that makes it worth visiting.

And one more thing is for sure – if you choose one of the Split Boat Trips, you will absolutely get a perfect experience.  You will not have to worry about the organization, we’ll do it for you.

Organization of the whole trip is our job. Your only job is to contact us and enjoy the new experiences and amazing views!