After a long journey and sitting for hours, you finally arrived in Split. Since your final destination is not Split, but a beautiful nearby island, it is time to organize a transport from Split to Brac. Well, it’s really frustrating if you figure it out that you will spend so much time driving again. Or a thought that you will lose as much time on the whole organization of transport?

There is nothing worse than organizing anything in an unknown town, especially transport to the island. You immediately become nervous and already ruin your vacation before it even started. Of course, you don’t want that. You just got lucky because there is Split to Brac Taxi Boat to take you to the desired destination in only 20-30 minutes!

Fast organization

Unlike hard and long journeys, for this short journey, you will want to last longer. Oh yeah, you didn’t read it wrong. Because of all the magical natural beauty that you will see during driving, you will want to never end. Well, who would want to finish the fairy tale with amazingly beautiful scenes?
Among other things, you will enjoy driving and get a wonderful experience thanks to our professional and friendly team.

You don’t have to think too much about the organization – that’s our job! Contact us and you will arrive from Split to Brac before you expect it!
And no, you will not have to come to us – we will come to you!

No hard walking with baggage and wandering while you find our headquarters. We will come to you at Split Airport or any other nearby location. In addition to the Taxi Boat, we also own a car which arrives at your location.
We know how complicated it is to organize any type of transport in an unknown city, so that is why we want to facilitate this procedure and to organize complete transport for you – on land and on water.


split brac boat transport

Time is money 

Apart from a top-level organization and fast transfer, we can also boast of the top team of professionals as well as quality boats.
Our team will give you answers to all your questions, and the comfort of our boats will provide you a safe and enjoyable ride.

If you would organize it by yourself, first you’ll have to organize the transport from the airport and then a taxi boat to get to the island, so you would definitely lose a couple of hours. You’d probably get into traffic jam so aside from precious time, you’d lose your nerves, too. We believe that anyone who comes to vacation doesn’t want to lose even a minute, and especially not a couple of hours. Avoid all these stressful situations and spend your time on some more interesting things. We know how much every second of vacation is important, so don’t let anything ruin your dream holidays.

Split to Brac Taxi Boat offers a service that emphasizes the speed of the organization as well as the speed of transportation and arrival at the desired destination. Let this team make a fantastic work and you will not lose any second more.
20-30 minutes from Split to Brac. Really quick, right?

Although a fast boat, our boat is high-quality, so you don’t have to worry about your safety. You will come safely and on time to the desired place.

No additional payments

Apart from speed, in our team, everything is based on sincerity, so there are no hidden costs. You pay only what is agreed. And what is definitely invaluable is the experience you will get as well as the all beauties of the Brac island you will see.

split to brac taxi


The Brac island will surely impress you and we believe that you will definitely want to return after you visit many interesting places such as Vidova Gora, the Blaca desert and the beautiful beach Zlatni rat. Dense pine trees and crystal clear sea will make you come again.And we hope you will be so satisfied with our service that you will choose us to take you to this wonderful island again.
Split to Brac Taxi Boat will undoubtedly give you a fantastic experience that you’ll surely want to repeat.

Contact us and as soon as you blink, you will be at your destination!