Thinking about transfer from Split Airport to Hvar? Imagine this situation: a plane is landing, you are leaving the airport, a car is waiting for you in front of the airport, you are coming at the harbor, sitting on the boat and arriving in Hvar. Sounds really fast, easy and impossible, right?

Yes, it’s fast and easy, but impossible not. That’s exactly what our team offers – transfer from Split Airport to Hvar Island. So, we have a car that will come for you, take you to the harbor where you will sit in the boat and arrive to Hvar before you can imagine. You will avoid traffic chaos as well as waiting for a ferry that will take a long drive. Don’t waste time. That’s why our team is here. Everything is organized from the first to the last detail to offer you a fantastic holiday. We’ll take you to your desired destination as soon as possible.

Why to waste time finding some of the Split airport transfers that will bring you to the city center where you will be stuck in traffic madness and crowds? And then you’ll have to find Split to Hvar island transfer. That’s quite unnecessary when we offer you direct transfer from Split Airport to Hvar island. And as an additional convenience, you will enjoy a pleasant ride with a pleasant company. Our friendly staff will provide you with a safe, fast, but enjoyable ride. During the ride, you will enjoy views of the beautiful Adriatic Sea, the islands and the woods.
Our  goal is to reach your destination in the shortest possible time.

Hvar – an amazing place of amazing nightlife

And as your holiday destination, you decided for  our beautiful island of Hvar.
First of all, we have to point out that you have chosen more than just a perfect place to rest. How to describe Hvar?
That’s a place that you will remember for the rest of your life and from which you will bring wonderful memories. There is no need to talk about its natural beauty. As soon as you approach the island you will be clear what we are talking about.

Otherwise, it is commonly known that each island is mostly a peaceful place where there are no events and party. But Hvar is completely opposed to it.
This is an island that will give you great entertainment until the early morning hours. Choose one of many clubs like Carpe Diem, Veneranda, Hula Hula and Kiva Bar and have an amazing night!
Also, the beaches of Hvar will leave you breathless and we believe you will want to stay here forever.

transfer from split airport to hvar

Tom Cruise on Hvar

The perfection of this island is also witnessed by the fact that one of Hollywood’s most famous actors – Tom Cruise visited Hvar. In addition to the natural beauties that have inspired him, he especially praised the nightlife of the town of Hvar. It is definitely one of the richest in the Adriatic. The city exudes a special atmosphere and something happens all the time. The fun takes long into the night, and guests can visit numerous events, restaurants, taverns, clubs…
Choose  the fastest transfer from Split Airport to Hvar Island and find out why is Tom Cruise so fascinated with this wonderful place.

To the perfect island with our team

Our team will take responsibility to take you to your perfect vacation on the perfect island. We don’t want that you lose a second more to looking for a car after you land at the airport. We will not let you waste your time or waiting. We will be the one who will wait for you. Actually, one of our friendly staff will be waiting for you and offer you a transfer from Split Airport to Hvar Island. Isn’t that great? You get 2 for 1. We take care of your comfort and appreciate your time.

Split to Hvar
We know that in the summer months when everything is crowded with tourists, it is difficult to find any Split to Hvar Island transfer, and especially that kind of transfer that has full transportation service from the moment you leave the plane.
If you are looking for perfect Split airport transfers, choose our transfer from Split Airport to Hvar Island because it is complete in every meaning. In addition to excellent transportation services, you will also meet our friendly staff with whom driving will be even better!