Read this about transfer Split Hvar… We are aware that today there is a very rich offer of various transport companies and it is difficult to decide which one to choose for complete service and satisfaction. There are also numerous boats, gliders, catamarans and ferries offering a certain type of ride when you need transport to the islands. How to choose the real one?

How can you know that you will arrive on time? How can you know will this ride will be enjoyable or will you feel sick of it? How to know if there will be a crowd?

If you choose a catamaran or ferry, in 90% of cases you will have to push with people, you won’t be able to enjoy the beautiful view, and the ride will be long and tiring.

However, there is an excellent solution in which you will fall in love. There is the fastest, safest and most favorable transportation – speed taxi boat that offers you the best transfer Split Hvar that you will remember forever.


In less than an hour to your hotel on Hvar

We are sure that no one wants their ride from Split to Hvar lasts longer than a plane ride from another country. And if you decide for some another type of sea transport, unfortunately, that could happen.

That is why we take care that transfer Split Hvar lasts less than an hour, about 50 minutes. Additionally, our skipper will unship you to the place which is nearest to your hotel so you will not have to lose the whole day wandering around Hvar by looking for your accommodation.

transfer split hvar by boat


Only the best quality for your money

Though you will have to pay more money for our speed boat than you would have to pay for the ferry ride, believe us, it will be worth it.

First of all, you won’t have to hurry and run to the harbor. Just turn our phone number, tell us where you are, we’ll pick you up and drive you to our dock.

We are completely adjusting to your needs because we appreciate your precious time and money.

Depending on your wishes, we are also available to come to you immediately at the airport so you don’t have to waste time and nerves looking for the appropriate transportation from Split Airport.


Transfer Split Hvar: comfort you deserve

As we have already mentioned, it doesn’t make sense to push in the crowd on a ferry in the hot summer months, “fight” for your seat, sweat in the airless space and ruin your holiday.

If you choose transfer Split Hvar which we offer you, you will be able to enjoy your comfort and privacy with your family and friends. Comfortable seats, wind in the hair and enchanting view of the beautiful Adriatic pearls.


An Unforgettable Tour of Beautiful Hvar

The island of Hvar is 2 hours away from Split by ferry or 1 hour by catamaran. It is one of the most famous Dalmatian islands, dating back to prehistoric times, 6000 years ago. Its is characterized by Mediterranean climate with minimal rainfall, beautiful nature, natural monuments, rich tradition and nightlife. The most impressive and beautiful picture of the island is its natural environment. It is recognizable for its lavender and vineyard fields.

Hvar is the sunniest Dalmatian island and is listed among the ten most beautiful islands in the world.The scents of rosemary and lavender, and its cultural richness reveal to us why Hvar is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. This island of sun, lavender and wine is proud of its rich tourist tradition of about 130 years. Hvar is not only an island for young people and entertainment but also and island for families and children. Today, Hvar is one of the most visited tourist centers in Dalmatia, but also a city of exceptional cultural and historical heritage.

The most famous sightseeings on the island of Hvar are:

  • the town of Hvar with a beautiful harbor
  • the oldest public teather in Europe from 1612
  • the summer house of Hanibal Lucic
  • fortress Fortica (Španjola)
  • Hvar Cathedral
  • Franciscan Monastery
  • the Port of Hvar

Dalmatian cuisine is another big plus of this region. The pride of the cuisine is fish and other seafood. Many local wines are made on the island. There are over 700 types of wine in Croatia, which are produced from 54 types of grapes.

A special part of Hvar tourist offer is a stay in untouched bays near the town, which can be visited by car, bicycle or walk through the Mediterranean landscape.

Only 3 miles from the town of Hvar is located ACI MARINA Palmizana, vey important for nautical tourism and discovering the wild and untouched beauties of the island.

The beaches on Hvar are mostly rocky, located in bays, surrounded by pine forests or low vegetation. There are also natural sandy beaches on Hvar, mostly on the north side of the island, due to the fact that the north wind (“bura”) and waves on the north side are stronger than those on the south. But one thing is for sure, wherever you go swimming on Hvar, a crystal clear, clean and unpolluted sea awaits you.

We invite you to come and explore with us this unique island that offers everything you need both for the young and for the old. No matter what you are looking for, you will find it here.


In the morning or at midnight – we are always here

There is no limited working time in our company. We are here for you from 0-24. There is always someone in our team available to provide you with transportation services at any time of day or night.

You don’t have to worry either if your flight is delayed because we care about absolutely everything. We won’t just leave you at the airport because the flight didn’t come in time. We know that this is not your fault, so our team constantly keep track of the flights so we can exactly know what the situation is, and we get at the airport right when you need us. Not a second later. Accurate as a Swiss watch!


We are here for all your questions

If you are interested in anything, and maybe we haven’t already mentioned it here, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

We can arrange what suits you best, so don’t hesitate to ask us.

Also, during the transfer Split Hvar, our skipper will glady give you all information about Croatian islands, towns, customs… Our skippers are cheerful, smiling and friendly, and we are sure you’re gonna enjoy their company.


Hvar – the sunniest place in Europe

Even if you maybe haven’t booked your accommodation in Hvar, but you’re spending holidays in Split, we strongly recommend that you decide for our transfer Split Hvar to visit the sunniest European island.

It is a beautiful island that will treat you to beautiful sights, clean sea and wonderful beaches. We are sure that Old Town (Stari Grad) will win your heart, and you will also fall in love with the impressive view from Fort Fortica.

We don’t want to discover everything about this amazing place, but you really have to visit Hvar!


We want to be part of your summer adventure

Our primary goal is to make your vacation perfect, so you can enjoy and don’t bother yourself with irrelevant things like transport.

Contact us and we will arrange a quick, safe and favorable transfer Split Hvar for you. We guarantee you complete enjoyment and unforgettable experience!